SurfRaid Triton

A Technology Website Design by AuraJenelle

About This Project

This was a robust project that encompassed a wide range of skills and requirements. The client, a 20-year veteran of the technology and small business sector, needed a professional corporate website that could acquire tech-afluent customers while also simplifying the configuration process of their SurfRAID storage products. Through extensive collaboration a truly useful and beautiful surf-inspired website was born.


  • Graphic design – I really enjoyed creating several of the graphical elements on the website. These seemingly minor elements make all the difference for a truly “polished look”.
  • Copywriting – I helped with writing much of the copy for the headlines, taglines, calls-to-action and body text. Attention to detail means there will not be typos and grammar snafus.
  • Image sourcing – Client chose to invest in professional images and videos and trusted me to source them.
  • E-store – Designed a complex online store that could sell items that required lots of information breakdown and a configuration tool. This allowed their customers to not only configure a product to their liking (storage size and add-ons), but also generate a PDF quote.

Favorite Feature: Online Store

The online store was an exciting challenge with a tall order. My client needed an easy-to-use format that allowed the customer to load their shopping cart (of very complex configurations) but instead of checking out via payment, they asked for a way to create a quote document. I successfully designed a way for them to do just that, complete with their company name and logo at the top of the PDF quote. This feature really sets them apart from the competition in the data storage reseller market. A prospective customer can browse and select their purchases, saving my client time and money.

Graphic Elements

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Business, Technology
complex design, copywriting, e-shop, graphic design, image sourcing, responsive, technical terminology, wordpress