Juniper Spring Photography

A Wedding Photography Website Design by AuraJenelle

About This Project

A very talented wedding photographer serving the San Jose/San Francisco area needed a wedding photography website that would focus on showcasing her work. Above all, it needed to be easy to navigate for prospective clients. She is able to easily upload gorgeous photos and display portfolios in masonry gallery format, a large tiled format that is visually stunning. Newlyweds can view their photos in her blog galleries, while also browsing her blog articles where she documents wedding stories. I have maintained her website for over two years. In addition, I have enjoyed all of the new requests she continues to throw at me.


A feature my client requested that really stands out in this design is the pop-up for her newsletter sign-up. It was optimized to offer a newsletter subscription during certain visitor behavior. I suggested that she offer an entry into a drawing as well, to capture audience participation. Moreover, this feature dramatically increased her daily newsletter subscribers.


  • API forms integrated with CMS – Client chose an amazing customer management software (CMS) that allows POST requests to insert customer-entered information directly from the website. I researched and coded the API into her website following documentation. A successful test process confirmed that the customer data she needed to collect was entered into her database seamlessly. As a result, she has a truly useful website feature for her business’ productivity.
  • Custom mobile address bar – This is really unique way to set your website apart. The top mobile web browser bar can be customized to match a website’s color theme while it also adds aesthetic.
  • Graphic design – I really enjoyed creating several of the graphical elements on the website. These seemingly minor elements make all the difference for a truly “polished look”.

Favorite Feature: New Lead API

I love to utilize technology to make peoples’ lives easier. For example, my client chose an amazing customer management software (CMS). This CMS allows POST requests to insert customer-entered information directly from the website. Thanks to a little coding and testing, her leads can fly straight from her website into her CMS. She will even get an email letting her know she has a new prospect!

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