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About This Project

Catalina Pools needed a website to reach their prospective clients. The primary goal was to educate the audience on the pool design or remodel process, and ultimately to book a client meeting. Utilizing SEO and working some of my copywriting magic, the website came together quickly. Many times my clients are busy and their staff have limited schedules to fit in time for copywriting. The great news is, I can help with copywriting! I was able to talk with one of their top salesman and craft some great taglines and pieces of information. I did a lot of research to put together an informative page which details what a customer of theirs can expect throughout the various phases that make up the building/remodeling process. I have maintained this website for more than two years and have really enjoyed working with this client. As a company changes, so does its website’s needs, and I appreciate my clients that give me repeated business. I find working with people over time very rewarding. We build a working relationship that also yields faster results and more efficient communication, and I’ve been chosen over competition for exactly this reason.


  • Copywriting – I helped with writing much of the copy for the headlines, taglines, calls-to-action and body text. Attention to detail means there will not be typos and grammar snafus.
  • CMS contact form – My client began using a pool company management software and I updated their contact forms with iframes to support that company’s integration requirement.
  • Website migration  – Once the website was complete my client decided to change their primary URL. I ensured the website transitioned seamlessly and also updated things necessary for analytics and SEO. I can help you with your domain names, DNS and hosting needs.
  • Calls to action  – Gorgeous and modern gradient call-to-action areas feature buttons that can compel the customer to navigate to the contact form and generate leads.

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