An Art Portfolio Website Design by AuraJenelle

About This Project

I was tasked to create an art photography website for a talented artist specializing in art, maternity, water and boudoir portraiture. This was a fairly straightforward project since I had already worked with my client to create the Juniper Spring Photography website, and most importantly because the images speak for themselves! I absolutely adore working with other artists because they always have such beautiful things ready to add to their website. A simple design scheme is usually all that is required for a photography website. This enables the website visitor to easily navigate and find what they are looking for. A successful photography website will showcase the photographer’s portfolio in a way that helps the prospective client in their decision-making. The easy-to-navigate galleries sell my client’s work in a compelling way. It really is a feast for the eyes. Her water portraits are a sight to behold.


  • Graphic design – I really enjoyed creating several of the graphical elements on the website. These seemingly minor elements make all the difference for a truly “polished look”.
  • Custom mobile address bar – A really unique way to set your website apart. The top portion of the mobile web browser can be customized to any color to match a website’s color theme and add aesthetic.
  • Easy site navigation – The easy-to-navigate galleries ensure my client’s work is seen so she can book more shoots. The always-on-top menu gets clicks when you must maximize the use of your audience’s time.

Favorite Feature: Pop-Up

A feature my client requested that really stands out in this design is the pop-up for their newsletter sign-up. It was optimized to offer a newsletter subscription during certain visitor behavior. I suggested that they run a promotion and add wording to the sign up process regarding entry to win, along with their subscription. This feature was a success and dramatically increased numbers of daily newsletter subscribers.

Graphic Elements

Screen Captures


Art & Photography, Business
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